The day has finally come where videos have officially established themselves as “rankworthy;” finding their way to the top of the ranks in Google’s Universal Search. Whether you are a small business selling socks or a large corporation with a global stronghold in your industry, online video is more valuable than ever in promoting your services.

Need more motivation to drive your business into online video? Here are 10 reasons to use video for your business!

1. On-Demand Accessibility?
Widely available, low-cost, high-speed Internet connections are available almost anywhere these days. And, with the influx of portable, Internet-ready devices (cell phones, iPods, laptops, etc.) capable of streaming online video content, viewers will soon be able to access video from virtually every corner of the world.

2. Powerful Sales Tool?
According to comScore, the number of online shoppers who watch online retail product videos before buying a product grew 40% from January 2008 to January of 2009. According to Jeffrey Grau, senior analyst for eCommerce and author of “Video Usage in Ecommerce: The Best is Yet to Come,” the benefits of videos touted by Web retailers include a lower number of abandoned shopping carts, reduced return rates and higher sales.

3. Adding Video is Tops Among Retailers’ “To-Do Lists”?
Even in the current state of the economy, seeing the sales lift from video content on their websites, retailers are exerting pressure on their suppliers to create innovative, eye-catching video content. Even with tight budgets, retailers are reluctant to cut online video production spending. According to SLI Systems, only site search, email marketing, user-generated content and search engine marketing were found and considered less dispensable than online video.

4. Blogging, Video Sharing & Social Networking
Once retailers and online marketers build up video content on their sites, they will then focus on turning their efforts and video assets into customer acquisition tools by pushing video to other sites, such as affiliates, social networking sites and video-sharing destinations, according to Jeffrey Grau of eCommerce.

5. Awareness
Online videos can create awareness to the viewers on many levels. Video campaigns should create awareness to the type of company being represented, types of products offered, and any other products or services. Online video is interactive, measurable and cost less per eyeball than any form of print media.

6. Free Advertising
Probably the best thing about online video is that everyone – retailers, marketers and even your average Joe – can upload any video, anytime, for free! With free uploading, and a down economy, we may begin to see the highest increase in video uploading and sharing than the Internet’s seen in its short history.? ?“My opinion is that [retailers] will be putting the marketing dollars that they have remaining into online vehicles.” – John McAteer, Google’s head of Retail Marketing.

7. Demographics?
You may be asking yourself, “Why should I invest my time and efforts into online video to promote my product? Only college kids watch videos, right?” Wrong. According to a nationwide survey conducted by Burst Media, online users between the ages of 35 to 44, and 45 to 54, are just as likely to search and view online video content as online users ages 18-24.

8. Better-Educated Leads?
Users are more likely to watch a visually stimulating video about your products than they are to read a long and possibly boring text document. Online video can stimulate your potential customers or clients to learn more about your products and services before they buy. And, with the knowledge they’ll gain from their viewing experience, your life will become easier when you don’t have to explain what exactly it is that your company specializes in.

9. Results!?
By having an online video embedded within your site or on YouTube, you are more likely to rank within the top pages of Google search results. As a matter of fact, video is 53 TIMES more likely than text content to rank within the top of search engine results!

10. Your Own Personal FCC License?
When it comes to online video, you can throw away all of the traditional commercial advertising rule books! Having a domain name is like having your own personal FCC license. You can produce any type of multimedia content to broadcast your company’s products, offerings and services. You have the ability to produce as much, or as little, content as you deem necessary.